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Does Savvy pay real estate agent commissions?

Yes. Savvy works with real estate agents and pays a full 3% buyer agent commission.

I have a buyer interested in Savvy. What's the next step?

Your buyer can contact us directly, or you are welcome to schedule an in-person or virtual tour on your buyer's behalf. Either way, we pay you the full 3% commission at closing and handle everything. It is the easiest commission you'll ever earn. If you have additional questions, contact us to learn more.

How does Savvy compare to a typical whole home sale?

The paperwork and process are similar. The primary difference is you get paid an easy commission and Savvy handles everything.

How do you keep me in the loop on the transaction?

You can be involved as you want. Or it can be a simple handoff. You let us know what you prefer.

How is the commission calculated?

Commission is paid on the share price. If you bring more than one buyer, you will receive a commission for each buyer.

When is the commission paid?

The commission is paid the day your share sells. Given the LLC structure and fast sales process, this can be in as little as one day from the time you make an introduction.