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Don't let your second home become your second job

Written by Julie Anderson| November 12, 2021 in Tips & Advice

Everyone would love to own a second home.  Sounds great, right?  Your own fortress of solitude away from the noise of day-to-day life, a place to kick up your feet and relax while you watch the sunset with your drink of choice.  There’s only one problem, it’s a house.  Which means it requires everything a house needs: upkeep, maintenance, cleaning, repairs, yard work, etc.

Very quickly your second home can become a second job.  Vacation destroyed.  This is why we created Savvy: to enable owners to enjoy all of the benefits of a second home without all the headache.  Once you purchase your co-ownership share(s) of your dream vacation home, Savvy takes care of the rest.  We handle every detail from cleaning, yard work, pool maintenance, repairs, and more.  If the co-owners collectively decide they want to upgrade any amenities in the home (who doesn’t love an outdoor TV or a shuffleboard table?) we’ll take care of the procurement and installation.  And of course we pay the bills on behalf of the owners like insurance, HOA, and property taxes. And no, Savvy doesn’t mark up the costs.

This is what we proudly call the Savvy Service promise.  For a modest fee of $150/share/month you get turnkey property management, a 24/7 concierge, and our simple use mobile app for scheduling, convenience payment, financial data, and more.

Check out our listings on  Once you find your perfect home, we’ll make sure you never have to lift a finger.  Vacation restored!

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